It’s not just who you know,
sometimes it’s who knows you.

Six People is a boutique recruiting firm that helps leading companies tap into the pool of hidden job seekers and talented people learn about jobs they won’t find elsewhere. Our expertise is in accounting, finance, tax and technology in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Passive Job Seeker?

Too busy for a full-time job search, but interested in learning about opportunities that are better than your current situation?

Search Jobs

Check out our current searches, but remember; many are filled with existing network members before we have a chance to post.

Need People?

As a result of our relationship recruiting and ‘talent network’ approach, our clients turn job openings into a competitive advantage.

Anybody can post jobs and call themselves a recruiter.

Passive Job Seekers

Rather than spend your time searching job postings, extend your professional network by joining a Six People Talent Network.

The process is simple:


Select a network and submit your résumé for review by a Six People search consultant who specializes in that area. Six People is highly selective; for every three professionals who submit their résumé, only one is invited to move forward.


If accepted, you’ll be contacted to schedule a short phone conversation to share your unique credentials, interests and career goals. Six People search consultants will then work to find exclusive opportunities that align with your criteria.


Once an opportunity is identified (that also meets your approval), we’ll start the client connection process.

Talent Networks


G/L, SEC Reporting, etc.  Staff to CFO levels.


Financial Analysis, M&A, etc.  Staff to VP Level.


Federal, State, International, etc. Staff to VP levels.


ERP and financial reporting systems.

Most high achievers are buried in daily success and too busy to search job postings. If you have a good work background, we want to meet you regardless of current client search assignments.

A Career Management Company

We take responsibility for the professional development of people, not just transporting them from job to job.

About Us

Founded in 1999, Six People is a boutique recruiting firm who combines the best of traditional recruiting with social technology to connect talented job seekers with leading companies. We work under the following beliefs:


Be equally selective in choosing candidates and clients. Simply put, we work with individuals you would feel comfortable having at your dinner table.


We are responsible for the professional development of people, not just transporting them from job to job.


We’ll never overlook what really matters; the basics. Great service. No surprises. Honesty and integrity. Respect for our customer’s time, money and trust.


Make a positive impact on the lives of people. Love what you do and have the courage to make a difference.

Our Story

I chose recruitment as my career. Having been in it since 1997, I’m mindful of the massive change that is going on around us and how the internet has altered the way people think and behave and this is no different in recruitment. In Six People we have created a way of recruiting people that keeps all the good things that we’ve learned from past experience, for example the need for a personal touch, honesty and simplicity. To this we’ve added some of the great things that technology can bring such as speed, efficiency and convenience.

This hasn’t been easy and as we found faster and more efficient ways of finding great people we’ve inevitably upset a few of our competitors along the way. By combining unique technologies with a deep understanding of what it’s like to be an employer looking for a new member of staff, or a job seeker looking for the next career move, Six People embodies everything we believe is right about recruitment and staffing.

Six People is now working to fill new jobs every day for leading companies large and small, recruiting everyone from entry level to Vice President. This gives us the satisfaction that we are making a real difference in how people recruit and find work. We are passionate about getting as many employers and employees together as possible in a way that is focused on building great businesses. Welcome to Six People.

Bret Goddard
President, Founder
Six People, Inc.