Turn job openings into a competitive advantage.

Recruitment isn’t about placing ads and waiting for résumés to arrive.

If you rely solely on job boards and the network of your HR department for candidates you are literally missing an entire pool of “passive” job seekers.

People you won’t find elsewhere.

As a result of our relationship recruiting and ‘talent network’ approach, our clients turn job openings into a competitive advantage. Quite simply, they have access to talented people the competition won’t even know about.

Quality over quantity.

More than just matching résumés with job description, our recruiters evaluate each candidate on the following six items:

  • Work history, progression and quality of employers,
  • Career achievements (work, academic and certifications),
  • Professional presentation, character and ethical standards,
  • Communication ability and emotional intelligence,
  • Technology and technical acumen,
  • Endorsements by those who have seen them work

Only those candidates who excel, in comparison to their peers, are represented by Six People.

Full service


Our clients understand that each hire is a chance to select not just the right skill set, but more importantly, the right mindset for their unique corporate culture.


G/L, SEC Reporting, etc.  Staff to CFO levels.


Financial Analysis, M&A, etc.  Staff to VP Level.


Federal, State, International, etc. Staff to VP levels.


ERP and financial reporting systems.

The way we see it, every job opening is a chance to hire a top performer and increase your bottom line.